Cassandra Robertson-Benjamin



Although rooted in the psychodynamic principle of exploring the unconscious, familial history, and recurring behavior patterns as a path to knowing who we are today, my approach for moving past these patterns can also be understood as eclectic. Capable of being personalized to the needs of the individual, couple, or family before me. Ours would be a collaborative effort marked by respect, genuineness, deep acceptance and where possible humor and hope.

Those who have benefited from this work have dealt with challenges ranging from anxiety/depression, trauma, grief, relationship transitions and strife, major life change, abuse, as well as parent and child relationship issues. I welcome to my practice all those identifying as coming from marginalized groups as well as those who do not, but who nonetheless wish to be seen.

I continue to explore the intersection between all my identities (woman, person of color, professional, daughter, etc.) so that I might be more empathetic to you. I have learned and been supervised by highly experienced therapists/mentors who stretch my thinking beyond what can be accomplished alone. You too will be my collaborator and teacher as we explore, name, and strive to reach your goals.