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Our practice is dedicated to work with individuals who identify as LGBTQIA++ as well as those exploring aspects of their gender identity and sexuality under the LGBTQIA++ umbrella in a safe space.
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Anxiety & Depression

Many people in New York suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. We can help with navigating these overwhelming feelings.
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Our experiences have impact- we carry them forward emotionally or by holding the tension of trauma in our bodies. We can also experience trauma across generations. If you have experienced a traumatic event, or know of family members who have, as well as if you have come from a marginalized population, or a culture which is or was traumatized, the effects of these will be addressed in psychotherapy, at your own pace so that you can find your way to be with this history and not have it define you.
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Perinatal/Postpartum Mental Health

Contemplating family expansion, pregnancy, becoming a parent, and caring for a newborn can bring with it a sense of excitement and trepidation, joy and loss. We are committed to helping you process and navigate these significant life and identity transitions.
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Experiencing infertility can be stressful. It can bring up feelings of loss, reactions to expectations of ourselves, family and society, as well to unpredictability. If you are struggling with infertility, psychotherapy can help you to process the emotions that arise for you.
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Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding and one of the most challenging experiences. If you are looking for support through your journey as a parent, we are here.
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Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (For Women Identified)

Our experiences have impact- we carry them forward emotionally or by holding the tension of trauma in our bodies. We can also experience trauma across generations. If you have Many women experience cyclic mood shifts during their menstrual cycle. If you experience feelings of depression or anxiety that are interfering with your enjoyment of or involvement in day to day activities, work, or school, psychotherapy can help to move through these mood changes.
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Career Choices and Transitions

Finding direction and choosing meaningful and gainful employment can be confusing and challenging. Psychotherapy provides a platform for finding choices and peace.
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Chronic Illness and Caregivers

The diagnosis of a chronic illness can be a time fraught with overwhelm, uncertainty, and anxiety. In addition, caring for a loved one facing chronic illness can be daunting. Psychotherapy can help to cope with chronic illness and provide support.
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Rigid Religious Upbringing/Cult Survivors

When leaving high demand societies or cult like environments readjusting or learning new ways of being if you were born into a cult can be very challenging, we will explore the ways the cult effected your personality and your view of life, and yourself. We will explore how to navigate your own spirituality in light of your background.
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Loss and Bereavement

Losing a loved one can be one of the most challenging moments in the life cycle. Psychotherapy can help you mourn the loss, express emotions, and honor your loved one in a way that feels meaningful to you.
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Acculturation and Immigration

Immigration challenges including finding one’s way with identity questions regarding your ethnicity, culture differences and finding your community are difficult to navigate alone. Facilitating your process around these require a therapist who is versed in these matters. You will that in our practice. Whatever we won’t understand, we will learn with humility so we can better assist you.
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People of Color

Our practice welcomes people of color and is committed to an antiracist stance. We are committed to doing ongoing work to address systemic racism, patriarchy, and to understand intersectional identities to be better therapists to you.
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שרי דוברת עברית שוטפת ומבינה את האתגרים המיוחדים לדוברי עברית בארה”ב
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