Meet Our Team

Welcome! I respect the courage that it takes to enter into therapy, as well as the feelings of accomplishment and vulnerability that can arise. Our work will be non-judgmental, active and collaborative.

In our sessions, we will work to pinpoint goals, to name, understand, accept, and weather the emotions you experience, to recognize those values that are most meaningful to you, to identify and implement adaptive ways of addressing concerns, achieving goals, and navigating life transitions, and to understand the influence of past experience on present ways of thinking and relating to others.

At first, we will strive to learn if we can connect. We will explore and acknowledge if this is a space you can allow yourself to be seen. We will look at your challenges and strengths to understand how you have arrived at the place you find yourself today.

My goal is to create a safe space where exploration, questioning, discovery, and feeling are possible. I seek to be a partner who holds a light to illuminate the unknown places.

For you, this work may be challenging, perhaps more than you imagined. However, you will not be alone. We will work together to create a path toward your goals.

When you choose to begin therapy, a match is important to growth and change. I am direct, warm and will help you confront some of the more challenging aspects of yourself. My goal is always to facilitate living the best life you can.

Keeping that in mind, therapy can be demanding at times, and requires a lot of patience with yourself and with the work. We will learn together how to communicate about what is happening in therapy beyond the words that are used.