My name is Verdah Kazi, I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor for the state of New York, & I am a Queer, Desi, Muslim therapist. 

I came into the therapeutic world with the intention to create accountable spaces of healing for community members who have endured the harmful impacts of various power structures, including but not limited to: capitalism/colonialism/imperialism, racism/colorism/white supremacy, sexism/misogyny/patriarchy, trans & queer phobias, & religious oppression.

Each of these oppressive power structures work to disrupt the connection we all hold between our emotional/mental, spiritual, & physical selves. This disruption traps many of us in a cycle of persistent or recurring survival mode. We then create shame-based narratives to cope with this cyclical trauma, limiting the opportunity for experiencing our bodies’ innate capacity to thrive, create, & connect.

Through my work, I hope to help our communities free their minds, bodies, & spirits so that we can work together to cultivate a more empathetic & supportive society that prioritizes the needs of all our community members.